Book #24 – Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

This is a very popular book.  It been here and there in genre blogs and it was even recommended to me by someone I know!  The next Harry Potter, some mutter.  Young adult.  …  vampires! …  What am I doing reading this book???

Okay, it’s time to come clean.  There was a period when I was in high school that I read *lots* of vampire fiction.  It’s partly Anne Rice’s fault, of course, and partly my mother’s.  You see, when she was that age Dark Shadows was on TV.  It was daytime TV, and during the school year, my mom would have my grandmother tape the episode’s sound with a tape recorder.  This was back before VHS, don’t you know.  So, my mom adored Interview with a Vampire.  We shared reading tastes and together we stripped the library bare of vampire fiction.  And vampire movies too.  Once in high school after an afternoon orthodontist appointment my mom and I went to see a matinee of  Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  But, things change.  Anne Rice went down very odd and boring paths with rock star Lestat.  Forever Knight disappeared from our satellite TV.  My mom and dad and I had some problems and I went to see  Interview with a Vampire with my friends rather than my mom.

Still…  The first author autograph I ever got at a con was from Chelsea Quinn Yarbro…

Which brings me to Twilight.  I didn’t have high hopes, but I figured I’d put it on hold from my digital library.  My “copy” became available last week.  I read the first bit and wasn’t impressed.  I forgot I had it until Thursday when I was cleaning out folders.  I started to read again, it had been recommended to me, after all.  And I was totally sucked in.  Just utterly.  These high school hijink should bore me, I thought, yet they didn’t.  The writing is clean in a way I wish mine was.  Transparent.  The story is simple and solid, though I did find the ending contrived.  That disappointed me a bit after such solid beginning.  I winced at the sudden lack of competence in the heroine.  Still, the book, it was good.  Entertaining, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

So excuse me, it’s time for me to go put New Moon on hold.

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  1. pageeater

    Glad you were able to enjoy it at least partially. The end simply sucked me into the sequel, but what can I say. I’m rather easy to suck in these days. 🙂

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      It wasn’t the very end, but the end of the “action” plot that left me a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, this seems like a fun series. If I knew there wouldn’t be objections from the parents, I’d buy them for my oldest niece.


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