Book #26 – The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

It seems that as much as people liked The Lovely Bones they dislike The Almost Moon.  I read The Lovely Bones back in 2003 after it had been popular for quite a while.  Though literary fiction, it was getting notice in the fantasy/horror circles and that always intrigues me.  What I found was a great book.  Even better in an amazingly frightening and grim way was Sebold’s memoir Lucky.  In both, “characters” don’t act in  smart ways.  Situations are not easily compartmentalized or neatly bound.  Whether this is or is not more lifelike really isn’t the question.  That it is the reality Sebold gives us consistently is what matters in the context of her books.*  Therefore, I can’t fault her main character in The Almost Moon for doing the things she does.  And I think readers have forgotten that that is the fictional world Sebold gives us.  The Lovely Bones was grim, but hopeful.  The Almost Moon is simply grim and I can deal with that.

*In contrast to many other books, movies, TV shows where characters act rationally, logically, and with intelligence…until it’s called on them to be stupid for the sake of plat.  Consistency one way or the other is all that I ask.

*** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** ***

Hey look, I’m one book away from tying last year’s Number of Books Read.  I might actually *gasp* make my goal of 30!

But for now, I think I’m going to put on a movie and vegetate.  My hands and feet ache today, probably due to the high pressure in the Valley.  I’d really like to go play some disc, but alas I don’t think Eric would get back in time to play, or even want to after several days of playing multiple games per day.

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