Book #26 – Between Good and Evil by Roger L. Depue with Susan Schindehette
(Somehow I managed to miscount how many books I’ve read this year…despite keeping a list…)

The full title of this book is Between Good and Evil: A Master Profiler’s Hunt for Society’s Most Violent Predators.  Which is a mostly inaccurate and luridly tabloid title.  I picked up this book on a whim at the library sale a couple of weeks back.  Occasionally, “true crime”  piques my interest and I’ve always found profiling to be an interesting subject.  From a work point of view, I thought that such a book might shed some light on modern investigative techniques.  I expected, from title, that the book would present case studies of famous crimes and how they were solved by profiling techniques.  There might be a book like that in existence, but it isn’t this one.

Roger Depue served as the director of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI when profiling came to prominence.  Between Good and Evil is a history of profiling as a technique, an autobiography of Depue, and Depue’s meditation as a man of strong religious faith on the nature of good and evil.  The ‘good’ and ‘evil of the title are not meant to be the figurative tabloid versions, but real deal as concrete as the chair I’m sitting in.  Without debating Depue’s beliefs and philosophies, it made for an interesting read.  Depue is a man who has lived one jam-packed life, and it’s impossible not to find that compelling.

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