Daily Archives: December 4, 2007

LoudTwitter is supposed to post my tweets, but I don’t see them.

Tired today. Eric pulled an all-nighter last night and, of course, I was along for the ride. So tired today. I got a myriad of things done, but no work. Thinking about Nero and what personality changes might occur with him, but my brain is a little too mushy to deal with the manuscript itself.

  • Writing 00:00:00
  • Online Reading 01:39:02
  • Online Personal 02:41:12
  • Housework 01:14:58

Doing lots of off-line reading. I need to update my links list.
And because there aren’t enough lists in my journal, here are what chemicals I put in my body today:

  • Alka-Seltzer Cold
  • 2 -Vault
  • 1 – Max Velocity
  • 1 – glass of tea

Yes, after that much caffeine, I’m still absolutely wiped out.


Going to do this next year. I missed signing up for it this year by, literally, a few minutes.