Daily Archives: December 5, 2007

For lighter inclusion:

The Calorie Counting Beer Mug.   I want one!

In the realm of ‘I needed the BBC to tell me or I wouldn’t know: Normal aging ‘can addle brain’

And viral marketing works so well that I needed to be told about the viral marketing…  Dr Pepper Goes Viral for Flavor Intro
Granted, I live under a very particular rock.  Personally, I didn’t bother to go watch the video.  I wouldn’t want to encourage them.  And while I’ve been a big fan of other Dr. Pepper flavors, I don’t think chocolate and soda go together.

Yeah, I really need to get something done now.  I woke up at 10:30, went and played disc (badly), ate, goofed off, talked to Eric, ate, talked to Eric and did some minor internet reading.

Yikes, just heard about the shooting at Westroads.  Yes, nice Midwestern cities are not immune.  Sad.

(And in a moment of meta: It’s strange that I think of it as happening at Westroads and not just Omaha.  It’s a place I know personally and that makes some kind of difference.)