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101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: December 14, 2007
End Date: Friday, September 10, 2010

There’s the nice format with ticky boxes:  Here

Or the quick, but poorly formatted version that won’t be updated:


Visit the Shemer Art Center.

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden.

Take a tour of Tovrea Castle.

Hike Piestewa Peak.

Visit Barringer Meteorite Crater.

Go to Jerome, AZ.

Go to San Diego again.

See a movie at the Cine Capri.

Go to a free concert or play.

Go to a sporting event…that isn’t frisbee related.

Go to a lecture at the Tempe library.

Go to an open lecture at ASU.

Attend one of the local conventions. Have three conversations with people there.

Try out 10 new restaurants.

Eat something new at the “usual” restaurants. x5

Try 10 new ice cream flavors.

Try 10 new candy bars.

Take paper journal to Waffle House to write.


Make a list of my in-laws’, nieces’ and nephew’s birthdays and how old everyone is where applicable.

Call my grandparents on a non-occasion. x12

Make dinner for my parents when in Omaha.

Make dinner for my parents and grandparents when in Omaha.

Make dinner for my brother at his apartment when in Omaha.


Maintain weight of 120.

Stretch for 10 minutes 2x a day, 3x a week for 5 weeks. x2

Work on my posture. (This one is vague. Needs fleshing out.)

Do Couch to 10K, since I’m out of running shape.

Run 10 miles a week for 5 weeks.

Do a Fun Run.

Develop or find palatable upper body strength exercises.

Do upper body strength exercises 2x a week for 6 weeks.

Develop or find palatable core strength exercises.

Do core strength exercises 2x a week for 6 weeks.

Try out one of the community center exercise classes.

Write up something on the gate theory of pain.

Make/find 3 bracelets/braces and wear as needed.

Drink no caffeine for a week.

Drink five glasses of water a day for a month. This does not include water drank during sports or exercise. This is drinking when sitting around at your desk.

Take daily supplements, 2x daily, for consecutive 60 days.


Clean the bathroom every Friday for 6 weeks.

Vacuum every Monday for 6 weeks.

Do dishes after dinner every night for 5 weeks.

Clean out my closet . x2

Get the bedroom window fixed.

Buy a new office chair. A nice one.


Keep a paper journal every day for a year.

List 101 good things. Describe them.

Read 30 books in a year. x2

Read The Grapes of Wrath to see if it’s as good as they say. Read The Great Gadsby to see if it’s as bad as they say.

Finish reading the Dune series.

Catch up with Martin’s and Jordan’s series.

Read 3 books about WWI.

Read 5 of the poetry books I own.

Finish reading Eric’s neurobiology textbook.

Learn to identify 7 more constellations or other astronomical features.

Learn to recognize 10 local plants.

Learn to recognize 10 local birds.

Learn one coin trick.

Learn three card tricks.

Learn the positions in American football.

Learn to make candles. And then make a candle.

Educate myself about the presidential candidates.

Draw or paint something. x5

No impulse buying for 3 months. x2

Buy a bicycle.

Get new glasses. Cheap ones.

Buy a new pair of pajamas.

Assemble (or buy) a decent tool kit for the apartment.

Cook 2x a week for 2 months.

Bake cookies.

Try out 10 new recipes.

Rewrite and consolidate recipes.

Only check my email/social networks twice a day for 2 weeks.

Support the web comic artists I enjoy by purchasing/donating. x3

Learn enough ASP to confidently set up a field validation.

Teach myself Excel by using Rifts humanoid stats.

Delve into the land of Java.

Learn how to customize my LJ from scratch using CSS.

Learn how to make an animated LJ icon.

Scan the rest of my pictures.

Back up music to DVD.

Turn in ink cartridges at least 5 times.


Write 3 short stories.

Submit one of those shiny new short stories to 5 markets.

Write 3 Associated Content articles.

Write 3 poems.

Screenplay-ize one of my novels.

Take work to the library for two weeks during the summer.

Creative Commons licenses for short works on the web.

Purchase domain name.

Back up the computers every month.


Call Andy. x5

Have lunch or dinner with someone I’ve eaten with before.

Have lunch or dinner with someone new.

When in Omaha, get together with one of my friends from high school or college. x2

Have lunch alone.

Go to a movie alone.

Call for pizza, x10.

Track down and write to Ken Allard, one of my favorite high school teachers.

Track down and write to Judy Levine, one of my favorite college teachers.

Write a fan letter to Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors who I have not yet met.

I’m surprised at how long it took me to put it together.  The list, that is.  The rest was a pleasant morning of HTML.