Daily Archives: December 21, 2007

What I read this morning, because sometimes it’s interesting (to me) to chronicle what I spend my time on.  In the past I have transfered the notebook to a Google doc which was a formatting nightmare.  Just publishing the notebook seems to work fairly well.

In gaming geekery:
A day of Camels Not is planned, though I haven’t looked over my notes yet.   Camels Not is a feif we created last year (as in last Dec 21st) in the Gamma World setting.  Imagine a world of mutants, bad puns, and militant factions and you have Gamma World.

But first, I need to go for a run, brew up a batch of humming bird food, and clean the bathroom.  And wake Eric up.  We even went to bed a t a reasonable hour (3am) and he’s still sleeping past noon.  Not sure if I mentioned it here, but his grades were good his first semester back and semester two is fairly planned.  I’m sure ASU will be wanting money from me soon.