Daily Archives: December 23, 2007

Restaurant #2 – Extreme Pita

Situated between Blockbuster and Basha’s (grocery strore), we’ve walked past Extreme Pita many times.  We paused once, but decided that the chicken pitas they were advertising really didn’t appeal.  Today, they had a new ad up in the window for gyros.  We’re both suckers for a good gyro, so we tried them out for dinner.  I stayed home when Eric went to get them and therefore did not experience the restaurant itself, but he described it as the Subway of pitas.  He ordered two gyro sandwiches and chose a selection of veggies for them.  The meat seemed a little light, the veggies were fresh and there was a good deal of tzatziki sauce.  The pita was good-sized and held the food well. The sandwich didn’t look like much, but it was filling…for a couple hours.  Too much pita, probably, giving it Asian food syndrome.  They’re a little pricey for what they are (about $6 for a regular sized pita), but promising.

{Also, they are *very* good about their nutritional information.  It’s available on-line and in two different brochure versions in the restaurant, including a little wallet sized one!}

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In other 101 news:

Started week two of Couch to 5k.  Sadly, the combinations of walking and running are the same pace as my usual jog: 10 min./mile.  I wonder if this will help me get faster…maybe?  No, probably not.

Purchased our domain name this morning.  entangledcontinua.com.  There’s nothing there yet, since we haven’t signed up for any hosting.  But there it is, there future home of Eric’s gaming projects and my professional web site.

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Christmas tomorrow with Eric’s siblings.  I’m hoarding my social energy, I’ll need it.  Back to my thrilling evening of watching Good Will Hunting and playing EverQuest 2.