Best 2007 movie that I’ve seen: Mr. Brooks
(Beating out my other favorite 2007 releases Zodiac and Breach)

I recall hearing fairly good things about this movie when it came out though according to Rotten Tomatoes it’s only 55% fresh. Huh. Oh well, what do critics know? My impression was that Mr. Brooks was something I wanted to see, and it delivered beyond my expectations. It’s very well acted with a plot that is actually solid. I had my moments of doubt as the story broadened, but it was well tied up in the end. I’ve noticed in some online comments that Mr. Brooks is being compared to the TV series Dexter. That’s somewhat valid, and not a bad thing. I was fairly surprised that Mr. Books wasn’t based on a novel because it has the feel of decent thriller. Sadly, it was released in the summer amid flashier movies, and didn’t get much notice. Hopefully, it will do rather well on DVD.

On today’s movie watching agenda: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End. I wasn’t interested enough to see it in the theaters. I wasn’t interested enough to buy it on DVD unseen (like I was with The Bourne Ultimatum). But now that I’ve rented, I’m kind of excited to see where they go with the series.

Reading Dec. 27 – 28, 2007

Time to update a few websites…

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