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Book #30! I hit my goal! *and there was much rejoicing*

The Rope Trick by Lloyd Alexander

I nabbed this book via PaperbackSwap. I was interested in what Lloyd Alexander could do with a female protagonist after reading pieces of his more “boy-oriented” Pyrdain and Westmark series. What I got was a hardback in near perfect condition and really lovely tale. There are maybe one too many narrative coincidences, maybe one too many tales told by one character about other characters, but I forgive that, as I often do with this kind of book. None of the characters are particularly detailed, but our protagonist, Lidi, is determined and a little stubborn, and there’s enough romance that, well, *I* would have liked it as 10 year old. Maybe in a year or two I’ll give this book to Hailey for Christmas. Style-wise, I envy the simplicity of Alexander’s writing. I just don’t know how to get there myself…

I might as well do my 2007 book summary, since it’s very unlikely that I’ll finish another book before Monday.

Books read: 30
Distinct authors: 25
Authors new to me: 13
Male to Female:  14:11
Rereads: 4
Non-fiction: 6
“Young adult”: 6

I have stats for 20 books via’s text stats. 
Averages per book:
F-K Index: 6.5
Words: 63,377
% of complex words: 8.25
Syllables per word: 1.4
Words per sentence: 12.9

Favorites of 2007: It’s between The Rope Trick and Robert Bloch’s American Gothic.  How’s that for a pairing.

Books acquired in 2007: 52
    From PaperbackSwap: 27
       Already “swapped” away: 1
    Gifts: 1
    Gaming: 6
    Textbooks: 4
(I suspect my tags aren’t what they should be.)


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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