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I’ve been in a novelty-seeking mood.  Which for me manifests in trying new restaurants and planning trips to museums instead of bungee jumping or some such.

Today we tried:
Restaurant #5: Slices
It was Eric’s idea, actually.  He’d heard lots of good things about Slices and figured we should give them a try since there’s one close by now.  I had a slice of Chicken Pesto pizza.  Eric had that as well as a slice of Pepperoni and Mushroom.  And it was good!  The crust is maybe a little too thin for me to really love it, but the toppings go a long way to reaching my heart.  Eric considered the chicken pesto to be the weaker of the two.  Their crust is very crunchy as well, but not crackery.  They’re also reasonably priced, so we’ll be having them again occasionally.

For dessert, I had:
Ice Cream #6: Dulce de Leche gelato from Mercato del Gelato
It wasn’t as impressive as the chocolate hazelnut gelato I had at Chill, but that might be due to the flavor selection.  Then again, gelato is less calories than the same sort of smooth , rich ice cream.  Still pricey though.

We went by the Shakespeare marathon, but the seating was in the sun and the sound system had an overly loud quality that I find annoying.  Too bad, I think they were in the middle of Much Ado About Nothing when we were there.

I felt pretty broken last night after disc.  My back was unhappy and my right leg in general was having problems.  My calf, hamstring and buttock have a tendency to knot up while I’m playing.  A hot bath (and Vitamin I) helped last night.  Amazingly, I woke up today with only the usual lower back stiffness that went away after being up and moving.  My right pinkie finger is still giving me problems.  It’s fine until I reach a point of  “overuse.”  Then I tape it down again and it’s fine.   *shrug*


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