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A post longer than it needs to be….

We won our game last night by 8 points, our biggest win, against a team we lost to during the regular season.  Both times we played them short-handed.  Miller made a big difference from last time.  They didn’t really have anyone to cover him since Eric stayed on the field to occupy Pete (their best player).  Just think what we could have done if we’d had Patrick to even further dilute their lines.  In all, I do think we had a more hustle than during our last few games.  Reif credited my pregame email.  Not sure it made too much difference.  I think people just needed to be reminded that we’re in playoffs now.  You have to *play* if you want to keep playing.  Personally, my game was okay.  I generally kept up with Deb and Emily, but did get run rough-shod a couple of times too.  Didn’t touch the disc much aside from a point as handler in zone and a point as popper in zone.  In both cases, I was pleased with how I managed their marks.  As handler, I had the backhand swing, which is disadvantageous for me.  It helped that Eric was the middle and could go after anything poorly thrown.

Post-game, I drank too much and ate too much.  And I had forgotten to take my antihistamine earlier.  I think I was up until about 3am, with a little dozing.  Then woke up at about 5am and finally was up again at 8.  Had a sick-dream involving setting up some widgets for the VOTS pages.

Today, I have some GI distress (probably due to my beer-chips-guacamole-cinnamon-roll dinner) and I feel like my brain is slightly too big for my head (probably due to lack of sleep).  My joints are not bad.  My left foot is a sore, but otherwise, I’m good.  In regards to my mental health, PMS is a bitch and, unrelated to that (honestly!), certain people need a  good smack.

I need to take a trip to Target today and get some work done.  It does seem awfully bright outside though.

Saw this the other day:
TidBITS Media Creation: Handcoding HTML Is Still in Vogue
And here I thought I was backward for hand coding. I just do it because I can’t afford spiffy-arse programs. And because I like it.
So I found this rather funny this morning:
Free Professional Quality Web Design Tool
Actually, I’ve used Nvu in the past and didn’t think much of it.  It might be a fine tool, but it’s not for me.


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