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Cranky + Science reporting =

BBC NEWS | Health | Fertile women ‘have sexier voice’:

“While it’s possible, the other issue is that women do have mood changes across their menstrual cycle, and people might just be attracted to a happy-sounding woman, rather than a fertile one.”

Implying that fertile women are happy women.  Since it would seem that fertile women are horny women, I’ll buy that.

**Pet Peeve Warning**
I found a reprint of this article via PsycPort this morning: | 05/01/2008 | Emissions, autism are linked, study says
Frustratingly, the article doesn’t mention where the study is published.  It annoys me that I had to Google other articles to find out that it’s published in Health & Place.  Via MSN India even:
Risk of autism linked with mercury emission – Health – Lifestyle – MSN India
Interestingly, to me at least, Raymond Palmer, published a precursor to the current study back in 2006[1]. ‘Course that kind of thing takes away from the hysteria of the moment.  Because we will all forget that correlation does not equal cause and effect.  No one in the media quotes the last paragraph of the current study: “This study should be viewed as hypothesis generating—a first step in examining the potential role of environmental mercury and childhood developmental disorders.”[2]

[1] Raymond F. Palmer, Steven Blanchard, Zachary Stein, David Mandell, Claudia Miller. “Environmental mercury release, special education rates, and autism disorder: an ecological study of Texas.” Health & Place Volume 12, Issue 2, , June 2006, Pages 203-209.

[2] Raymond F. Palmer, Stephen Blanchard, Robert Wood. “Proximity to point sources of environmental mercury release as a predictor of autism prevalence.” Health & Place In Press, Corrected Proof, , Available online 12 February 2008.