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Having a lazy Sunday, as I am wont to do.

Physically, I had a pretty nasty flare up Thursday and Friday. I wasn’t too spiffy at disc Thursday, and then gave up on my chop sticks at dinner afterward. Friday, my knees just ached terribly. Usually, my knees aren’t something that act-up, but man, I was in pain. Felt better yesterday and okay today though a little creaky again. I haven’t done anything aside from walks since Thursday. I really want to be in decent shape for our game tomorrow.

Worked on a new version of our Entangled Continua site. Current & Future. Neither have too much going on yet, but I think the new design has more potential for use for all our different fictional worlds. And I’m rather pleased with how the graphics came out on the new version.

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Ice Cream #7: Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter

On their web site, Haagen-Dazs does a good job of describing their ice creams. They describe Chocolate Peanut Butter thusly: “legendary chocolate ice cream, made with premium Dutch cocoa. swirl in ribbons of creamy, smooth peanut butter”.   And that is exactly what it is. When confronted with a pint in the freezer, you have no idea. There’s nothing about a “swirl” of peanut butter, no picture of choco-peanut goodness. So, as with their Bailey’s or Creme Brule flavors, I trusted them and went with it. I was not disappointed.

A good thing that isn’t food: Podcasts

I encountered podcasts in 2004 at World Fantasy Con. I picked up a pen advertising The Dragon Page. I checked out their web page, didn’t quite get the concept, and really didn’t have the storage on my computer for big-ish audio files. And I didn’t have the inclination to sit at my computer and listen to these “podcasts.” I started running in 2005. Previous to then, I really had no reason to have a portable media device, but while slowly erm…running around a soccer field one day I thought to myself, “Huh. It would be nice if I had music with me.” So I bought a small mp3 player. Re-enter, podcasts. I could take these shows with me while running! Shows about science fiction and writing and…well other stuff!  Stuff that I don’t really get exposed to.  Besides many of FarPoint Media’s great podcasts, I started listening to the nerdtacular ELR.  I’m continually amazed by how much I enjoy listening to three online web comic writer/artists talk about…video games, among other things.  For quite a while, I listened to Daily Breakfast with (nerdtacular) Fr. Roderick because I was curious about Catholicism.  (And I think I’ll re-add Daily Breakfast because I kind of miss it.)  I was also curious about skepticism.  Between Skepticality and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, I became much more informed about what skepticism is.  Another area where podcasts really shine is in the realm of movies.  My favorites: Mondo Movie, Mark Kermode’s movie reviews, and Watching the Directors.  I could go on.  I have over two dozen podcasts that I monitor via Google Reader.  And podcasts don’t just make the time pass when running.  I listen to them when doing housework, playing EverQuest, and (most importantly) when shaving.  Strangely, I still don’t care for listening to audiobooks, but I really enjoy podcasts.  And they’re all free.  All this content.  All this entertainment.  Free!  Can you get better than that?