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Procrastinating real work…

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘Seven genetic types of ME’ found

While this article deals with genetics instead of more direct biological mechanisms, it raises an interesting question.  When the differentiation between ‘psychological condition’ and ‘medical illness’ will finally be dropped?  I’m not saying that psychopharmacology is the best answer at the moment (it’s currently a sledgehammer), but eventually, both the medical and psychological professions are going to have to realize that behaviors have a physiological basis.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that behaviors can be excused based on biology. We are humans after all, with intellect that takes into account sociological impetuses as well as personal well-being. Both things can go against what humans are biologically set up for. It would seem that polygamy is biologically preferred and evolutionarily advantageous, yet for sociological reasons, it’s probably best if a small number of men aren’t taking up all the potential wives, leaving a group of very unhappy men. And while my genes clearly state that I should be a good 50 pounds heavier than I am, it’s in my best interest to keep my weight lower than that. I can choose to limit what I eat and how active I am. 

Behavior can be manipulated without the use of psychotropic drugs, and the more we learn about the physical mechanisms behind behavior, the better the physical treatments will become.  It just going to be interesting to see where the middle ground occurs.

Thought this was interesting and apropos to the above:
The secret to long life may not be in the genes | Think Gene
It also remind me of how much of a wuss I am:

The article underlines the fact that until the age of 102, the man cycled every day and looked after the family orchard.

Here I am at 33, doing nothing on some days because “I don’t feel like it.”

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With a crew of drunken pilots, We’re the only Airship Pirates!
We’re full of hot air and we’re starting to rise
We’re the Terror of the skies, but a Danger to ourselves now.
~Robert Brown of Abney Park, “Aireship Pirate”

I’m glad I bought Abney Park’s latest album. I had considered not buying it because, well, I have a lot of Abney Park and only a few tracks on The Death of Tragedy have really stuck with me.  Lost Horizons is pretty damn solid though.  I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Well, we lost our game tonight by one.  No championship game for us.  Unless we biff next week’s game we still have a chance at playing for third.  I don’t know what else to say other than I’m fairly disappointed.  Actually, it’s more like heart-broken.  I don’t know why, but I get really excited when this team plays.  We have some good players, great handlers.  But we’re just not getting it done.

We’ve been having auto adventures.  Hefty’s radiator is pretty well shot and isn’t taking the increased heat well.  Last week we limped up to Scottsdale Sports Complex (a good 20 min drive) by venting heat from under the hood through the cab.  We roasted, but the truck managed.  Tonight, that didn’t work.  The engine started making a bit of noise about four miles from the fields.  Eric took an early exit and about 2 – 21/2 miles from the fields, Hefty just stopped.  Eric pushed it to the side of the road and we tossed some ice on the engine and put water in the radiator.  Luckily, we had the cooler of iced beers and Gatorades with us.  After cooling the engine we made it to the fields, not early, but not late either.  Same drill on the way back.  We stopped at a gas station before embarking south and bought more ice.  About 21/2 miles from home, we had to ice Hefty down.  This isn’t a good situation.  We need a new vehicle.  Really.

Eric’s in the midst of finals, etc.  He’ll be done Wednesday.  Luckily, we really don’t have to go anywhere before then.