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Take Two

I had a post already to go yesterday and then Deep Sender ate it. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have tried embedding a YouTube video in it. The offending video:

Dizzy Moon by Transister

Nice bit of disc yesterday.  We had sixes, it was a little windy, and I was feeling pretty good.   We ended up playing a bunch of  zone on both sides of the disc.  During one O point toward the end of the “game,” Barry swung the disc to me.  It wasn’t particularly high, but it sort of hung in air before it reached me.  Not a terrible thing since Dan, who was playing that side of the cup (or maybe wing) was a ways behind me.  I was between him and the disc.  I took a couple steps and caught the disc a second later than one would expect, and during that second Dan made a play for it, solidly running into me.  This was not a big deal.  I hit the ground, but didn’t skid, didn’t fall back in a way that would have knocked my breath from me, didn’t have my head jarred in any way.  I just hit the ground and in doing so dropped the disc.  Dan asked if I was okay.  I said, “Yes, and the disc is mine.”  I got up, tapped the disc in, and told everyone else that was asking if I was okay that, “Yes, and the disc is in.”  Apparently, it *looked* like a nasty hit.  Continually, until open play dispersed, I was asked if I was *really* okay.  Dan apologized profusely.   At least Gary said I bounced well.  No ill effects today.  I didn’t even get a raspberry from it.  *shrug*

Eric finished up his finals on Tuesday and attended a last class meeting yesterday.  Since I was freaking out, we worked out a little of how the summer might go, setting an ambitious goal for the end of the month and a kind-of-sort-of schedule for the week.  We’re to have the current round of Model Species changes done.  No time for being blocked, so, yeah.  I’m going to have to find enthusiasm and…stuff.

Disc later today, and a tentative plan to play Munchkin with Obert afterward.  Which should prove to be interesting.

Also: Tried Cyprus Pita Grill yesterday.  While the gyros was big enough, there was very little tzatziki sauce, the meat could have been more crispy, and the tomatoes were obviously purchased diced.  Too bad.

And we watched a movie: Arlington Road
Picked on recommendation by Reif.  It was fairly decent, though there were a few scenes that seemed strangely out of place.  Most of the movie was pretty predictable and I wished for a while it would take a Mystic River kind of turn.  The end saved it for me.  ***Not Quite Spoiler To Follow***  But I did call the ending before it happened.