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Played Munchkin with Obert on Thursday night.  Pretty fun.  I almost won, but ended up low on resources about halfway through the game.  Obert won ultimately, though it was pretty close between he and Eric.  We should get Mundo playing.  Or heck, maybe we should invest in a deck and play with Chris when we see him next.

Got a bit of work done Thursday and Friday, though not as much as I would have…liked.  Wrote on Thursday, finishing off the Nero scene I was rewriting.  Yesterday, I wrote some on Secret Project #4 and a small amount of work on the webpages.  Finally went to bed when I couldn’t understand why changes I made with my CSS weren’t showing up.  I still don’t have the answer for that one.  I’ll play with it again tomorrow on my day…off.

Saw Iron Man yesterday.  It was as good as I’d heard and pretty much right along my expectations.  The acting was good, it was funny, and pretty basic in plot (not a bad thing).  Unfortunately, the theater was very loud and the action was still annoyingly frenetic .  While the tech wasn’t the far-out, the development of tech was of course not aligned with reality.  Tony Stark is truly a genius if he can be good at all aspects of development *and* put in the massive number of man-hours that such things take.  But hell, if I can accept mutagenic spiders and embedded adamantium skeletons, I’ll buy power armor being built in a cave.  And Robert Downy, Jr. make a much more believable blacksmith than Orlando Bloom.  In all, it was just nicely entertaining.

And since I apparently can’t watch a movie without Jeff Bridges (three in a row starting with Arlington Road), I finally watched The Big Lebowski.  What the hell?  Granted I watched while working last night, but…  I just don’t quite get it.  It’s just sort of there in a drug-induced kind of way.  But that’s the way the Coen brothers and I seem to get along.

Anyway, today, DMing Rifts.  Hopefully.