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Grumpy Disc

It occurred to me today that after this week I’m going to be down to playing only one game of ultimate per week.  And maybe that’s not a bad thing because I was pretty grumpy at disc today.  It’s never good when I don’t enjoy disc.  I’ll play tomorrow and hopefully not bite anyone’s head off.  My back relaxed after a couple laps around the field before the game and I was fine while I was actually playing.  Soon after it seized up again.  Same thing happened on our after-dinner walk.  After a few blocks, my back utterly relaxed and I was pain-free.  Now, I’m back to somewhat achy.  But not as bad a s I was.  Sleeping tonight should be fine.

I think next week I’ll take a stab at my ten miles of running per week for five weeks goal.  Should be able to get it done before Omaha and before it gets wildly hot here, but it might also be too ambitious for someone who hasn’t been distance running in months.

I am a half of a hair-brained idea from taking over Thursday disc…  Wonder if Tyler will get a goaltimate game going somewhere.  I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

More gaming today.  I’m running Edgar.  We’re on a d20 binge!  No work done today, though I’m caught up on journaling and did some housework.