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I keep thinking that it’s later than it is.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week.  I blame the end of league.  Caught up on some housework this morning and then took a rare trip to Walmart for a cheap DVD player.  Our DVD player was old and ailing.  Electronics don’t last very long here, and five or six years out of a DVD player isn’t bad.  We also discovered that there’s a Walmart not too far from us that includes groceries.  They’re slightly cheaper on some things and have a better selection on some things (like ice cream), so we’ll probably add going there to our regular set of things to do.  And it wasn’t quite as annoying as most Walmarts.  Also picked up a sports bra that I will be returning.  All the problems with finding a good bra are magnified when actual movement is added to the equation.

We went out to disc.  I started off playing horribly.  Just bad.  But I kind of pulled out of my detrimental mood after a couple points out.  Got my head straight(er), and played a little better.  Debating Sunday disc and/or going up to finals on Monday.  If anything, I have a shirt that needs to get back to Mike, its rightful owner.

My back is pretty decent, though stiff post-disc.

And now for some ice cream reviews:

Ice Cream #8 – Breyer’s Double Churn Fat Free Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Was hoping that the texture might come close to gelato.  It doesn’t do too bad a job of that, though it seems to be somewhat resistant to taking a good hard freeze.  Unfortunately, otherwise I wasn’t impressed with this ice cream.  It’s too sweet, not enough of a nice chocolaty taste for me.  It was a little better when it was colder, but still just not quite good enough.  The brownie bits in it are a little questionable as well.  Kind of reminded me of microwaved brownies.  Now, the clear advantage of this ice cream is that it’s low-calorie.  A 1/2 cup is 110 calories, and with no saturated fat, Eric was pretty happy with it.

Ice Cream #9 – Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding
I don’t have a terribly sophisticated palate, so for me this ice cream was very much like several others that HD makes.  There’s vanilla ice cream and then some toffee additions.  Which taste-wise are similar to some of their caramel additions.  The main difference is the sugar cake bits.  The cake is soft without being too soggy.  In all, this is a solid HD ice cream, it’s just not a particularly special HD ice cream. 

But the following puts these two ice creams in perspective: While the HD is over twice as many calories as the Breyer’s, it also makes me twice as happy.