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Book #8: The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl by Tim Pratt

I’m fairly certain I picked up this book as a freebie at a convention because I would have never purchased it. I mean, come on, with a cheesy title like The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl? No, it’s not something I’d have endeavored to read on my own. In fact, I’m sort of surprised I had kept it around considering the other con freebies I’ve Paperback Swapped away. But I did keep it and I did pick it up a month ago when I was looking for something a little different to read. And you know what? I’m glad I did.

Rangergirl is probably the most fun I’ve had reading in a long while. Pratt uses the tropes of Westerns and how stories are “supposed to go” and subtly turns them on their heads. The characters, while not overly complex, are interesting enough. His writing is natural and deft. He keeps his plot and mythos internally consistent and brings it all to a satisfying conclusion.  And it had a bit of a Deadlands vibe that I enjoyed.  I’m inclined to pick up another of Pratt’s books in the future.