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A rare post about writing. (gasp!)

Finished going through critiques of Breakfast last night.  Received 11 crits.  Nine were helpful.  One, really not a crit, asked me to continue on with the story.  And one was absolutely unhelpful.  Just a lot of high and mighty lecturing without any constructive bits. All in all, I have ideas for how to improve the story.  And I might get around to doing that in the next decade.

What I learned today while critiquing someone else story: Using esoteric words or words in an “interesting” manner is not good when it causes confusion.  I do this sometimes, and I should probably listen to Eric more when he tells me to quit it.

So, I’ve been on a Gordon Ramsay kick.  I found Hell’s Kitchen through Hulu and found it interesting and that led me to Kitchen Nightmares.  What strikes me, especially with the UK version of the series, are the arguments that Ramsay often has with the chefs in these floundering restaurants.  See, Ramsay has come to help the chef by pointing out what needs improvement.  It’s his job there.  Ramsay does this in a pretty brusque manner.  Eventually, the chef blows up over some matter of pride after Ramsay has pointed out what the chef is doing wrong.    After about five minutes (seemingly on the show), the chef comes back mutters a “yeah, you’re right, I was being an ass” and they get back to work, usually to the betterment of the restaurant.  And these arguments are pretty much exactly like ones Eric and I have occasionally while working on novels.  Cursing and all.  The comforting thing is that after all is said and done, Ramsay’s opinion of the chef isn’t really damaged.  Because in the end, it’s not about the ego clashes, it’s about getting it done.

Which leads me to Gordon Ramsay quote I particularly like:  “Don’t take it personally, just take it seriously.”

Heading up to disc finals despite not playing.  I figure I’ll engage in some fantasy ultimate, a little drinking and heckling, and get the scores.  But first I’d like to read through Eric’s comments on the scene I wrote week before last and finish up this critique for Critters.  And do dishes.

And might I say, damn it’s hot…