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I’ll regret mentioning it…

I have a possibly unhealthy interest in the whole Garden of Eden aspect of the Bible.  I blame Dr. Buhler and Milton.  The short story I recently had critiqued is a post-modern *cough* take on the whole fruit-eating incident.  And when discussing it with Eric, he riffed on how it might be interesting to use my short story appropriations of Biblical oddments to flesh out religion for Weordan.  This is a fairly okay idea though often as soon as a dabbling interest becomes official it loses any attractiveness.  But still, it would give me an excuse to putter around the aforementioned oddments.  And then it occurred to me that the story I’ve been trying to shoe-horn into ancient Egypt might belong somewhere in Weordan.  Cripes.  I might have to write the damn thing now…

Took a look at house prices in our neighborhood.  If they drop another 30K or so, we might consider one of the less shabby houses here.  The thought of three bedrooms (ie, a bedroom, a gaming room, and an OFFICE) makes me giddy.

Watched Atonement.
I can see why this was nominated for an Oscar and why it didn’t win.  It’s rather pretty, but I don’t think the prettiness really serves the story.  The long shot at Dunkirk is impressive, but sort of unneeded.  Children of Men has a long shot as well (though somewhat doctored digitally) that serves to build tension and immediacy.  In Atonement, it just seemed like decoration.  The acting was okay, though the dialog was a bit stilted, though there’s kind of a reason for that, I guess.  In all, it just sort of lacked something.  Still, I liked it better than There Will Be Blood.  Oh!  Looking at it’s Oscar win on IMDB, I am reminded of one other good thing: the sound and music.  The whole movie is haunted by typewriter noises.  Kind of cool.


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