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You know, the opening scene of Model Species is kind of gross. I’m rather proud of myself.

Headed up to the mall to work. Had overpriced frozen chai, reasonably priced pizza at Slices, and made some headway on the scene that’s been confounding. Well, I have it worked out, just not written yet. I plan on getting to it tonight. (And if I do that’s doing pretty well.) Also shopped. Bought Eric a shirt and new running shoes. It’s possible that my shoes have been contributing to my knee problems. Or maybe it’s just something about the time of year. I seem to recall buying my knee band last year after spring league. (Maybe it’s to do with crushing and abrupt ends to the season that send my entire being into dismay.) Eric and I spent the evening consuming alcoholic energy drinks and brainstorming Fuel Eater. We contemplated what disadvantages Harlan Ellison would have if he were a GURPS character. Seemed an appropriate thing to do on his birthday.

Disc! I have been feeling the lack of disc and being out on the field was good. I did nothing spectacular, nor do I remember screwing up too badly. We stopped at Albertson’s on the way home and were then stopped by a highway patrolman who was obviously phishing for a larger charge than a non-functioning break light. The advantage of having a crappy vehicle is that no one ever breaks into it. The disadvantage is that it may appear slightly criminal in nature.

Working. Slowly. I hate editing. Procrastinating.  Annoying people on Facebook.  Writing long over-dramatic LJ entries.  Never mind.  It isn’t online games that are evil.  It’s just about everything online…