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So, I’ve been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip while working. Produced by Thomas Schlamme and Aaron Sorkin, it has the same wit an eloquence as The West Wing.  And when I say the same, I mean *the same*.  On one level that bugs me.  On another, I really liked West Wing so why complain?  I was rather hesitant about the show due to some of its cast.  Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet are not my favorite people.  Except when they are on this show.  Go figure.  Steven Weber is also excellently cast against type.  I’m guessing that this show is no longer in production.  A shame, but it is available to be enjoyed free and legal online.  At for example.


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2 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Studio 60

    Nah, Studio 60’s cancelled now, I think it didn’t even make it through a season. And with good reason–*such* dumb plotlines sometimes, and dumb women. I wonder about Aaron Sorkin, I do. But there is also a lot of brilliance on that show, great great dialogue and gags. What a waste.

    Glad to see you are enjoying it, though–I’d be interested in hearing more of your opinions on it!


    1. Re: Studio 60

      I’m only about five episodes in; I’ll let you know.

      Yeah, Sorkin characters act in a certain way that sometimes makes you go, “Wait a minute… What???” But the language is so good. I figure despite what faults it might have, it’s probably better than 90% of the rest of television.

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