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Quickie of the Night

So, I’m watching Darkness Falls while working, courtesy my brother who gave me a pile of DVDs he no longer wanted. ‘Cause trust me, I would never have invested in this movie. The most obvious question is: when survival is dependent on staying in the light, why don’t these characters turn on the dome light when driving in a car? Didn’t the writers know how bright and annoying those things are? The end song by Vixtrola is pretty good though.

Also ice cream reviews continue! Tonight I had Ben and Jerry’s Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler which is described on the carton as Peach Ice Cream with Cinnamon-Sugar Shortbread Pieces and Peach Swirl. And for once, B&J gets it mostly right. The ice cream was decent with a light peach flavor. The peach swirl is mostly peaches with a only a small amount of peachy-syrup stuff nearby. It is quite peachy, but the shortbread bits break it up with a salty cinnamon-graham cracker taste. My only criticism is that there could be a few more and smaller bits of shortbread. But hey, for once B&J didn’t overload their ice cream!

Now back to work with me…

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And now I shall drink the world…

Just came in from my first 4 mile run of the year.  I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t gone beyond 3.5 until today, but I *was* in pretty crappy running shape at the beginning of the year and then got sick in February.  Logged about an 8.5 min/mi too.  Not shabby for one as slow as me.  But it again strikes me as disheartening to contemplate how many calories are burned versus how much effort is put forth.  I mean 332 calories for 33 minutes of sweating, burning muscles and maximum lung intake?  Yeesh.  Which is why it is better to take the long view.

 According to my FitDay records, since the beginning of the year, I have spent:
14 hours running, nearly 88.5 miles, burning 7500 calories.
But that ain’t nothing compare to:
48 hours playing ultimate frisbee, burning slightly over 19,000 calories.
Now that makes me feel better.

(Yeah, I know.  Running burns more calories per amount of time, but ultimate is a hell of a lot more fun.)
(And yes, I know.  These approximations are that…approximations.  How many calories burned will vary with what tool is used and many other factors.  When I ran on the treadmill last week, it gave me some huge number for calories burned but it’s calibrated for someone who is not me.  And when I go running in Omaha in a month or so, I’ll burn more calories because I’ll be running up freakin’ hills, except I won’t because I’ll die after the second one…)

On the plus side, knees feel okay today.  New shoes are probably helping, despite my being an under-pronator and buying light motion control shoes (because I do have flat feet).