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Quickie of the Night

So, I’m watching Darkness Falls while working, courtesy my brother who gave me a pile of DVDs he no longer wanted. ‘Cause trust me, I would never have invested in this movie. The most obvious question is: when survival is dependent on staying in the light, why don’t these characters turn on the dome light when driving in a car? Didn’t the writers know how bright and annoying those things are? The end song by Vixtrola is pretty good though.

Also ice cream reviews continue! Tonight I had Ben and Jerry’s Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler which is described on the carton as Peach Ice Cream with Cinnamon-Sugar Shortbread Pieces and Peach Swirl. And for once, B&J gets it mostly right. The ice cream was decent with a light peach flavor. The peach swirl is mostly peaches with a only a small amount of peachy-syrup stuff nearby. It is quite peachy, but the shortbread bits break it up with a salty cinnamon-graham cracker taste. My only criticism is that there could be a few more and smaller bits of shortbread. But hey, for once B&J didn’t overload their ice cream!

Now back to work with me…


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