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Working. Did a bunch of odd household jobs this morning, working on Model Species this evening. I want to go over the Ionun scenes with enough time to kick back and do a little recreational reading before I fall asleep.

Attempting to not be completely overwhelmed by PMS madness.  I get all hermity.  On the plus side, my body is feeling really good.  Since about Saturday on.  No change in diet, hormones gone wild, but the weather has been marvelously stable.  *shrug*

I quite miss playing disc on Monday nights. It was rather well timed, after the weekend and a day away from Wednesday disc. Practices are starting up this week. We’ll probably go out Thursday. There’s also talk of a women’s league which I most likely will not partake in since is a transportation problem on top of not being particularly good for me. But I’m not quite ready to say no just yet. From the web side of things, it would be nice to know whether it’s going to happen soon. We’re probably going to San Diego some time next week to see Chris. Maybe. We haven’t heard from him since he’s hit the States.