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Just been out of it today.

Woke up with a bit of a stomach complaint.  It got better.  After disc.

Disc was good, though windy.  I swear the wind picked up about a half hour before disc and has been blowing harder ever since.  The wind here annoys me.  With no clouds to mark it and no trees to break it, it just blows crap around.  Dust.  Pollen.  My allergies haven’t been too bad the last couple of days, but I can feel the itchiness growing worse.  I bought some Zyrtec clone that I might try out tonight.  I didn’t notice until after purchase that it warns of drowsiness.  Usually, if an antihistamine causes some people to be drowsy, it will knock me for loop.

Eric’s working on a blog post.  Which means he’s writing.  Which means we go for lots of walks to burn off the tension that seems to build as he converts thoughts to words.  I spent a little time this afternoon spiffing up his blog, but otherwise I’ve done nothing productive.

I even set myself up with a good edit to do right off the bat.  Just can’t summon the effort to do it.  I still have a couple hours left to the day.  Back to watching cheery Hamlet