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Eric’s blog is up and running. His first post:
The Singularity is Occurring and We Donโ€™t See It.

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Morning Reading: Not quite as brain dead today… Articles: What is a Species?:

Perhaps it is the Latin that gives species names the whiff of absolute certainty and that has misled the public into thinking the rules were simple.

If you accept that science is never certain or simple, you have a better time of it. You also realize that’s the beauty of it. But it seemingly does make science issues a bitch to handle in terms of the law. Overall, a good article.

BBC NEWS | Health | Alcohol ‘cuts risk of arthritis’:

“It’s too early to say what these findings may mean,

But the news agency will make up a headline indicating that it’s already fact.  (Pet Peeve #309)

Resveratrol found effective in small doses | Think Gene:

the researchers found that low doses of resveratrol mimic the effects of what is known as caloric restriction

Noted here for the simple fact that the ASU kid might be interested, but I’ll probably forget to tell him.

Personal Best – Real Thought for Food for Long Workouts –

โ€œMost athletes will have at least 24 hours to recover,โ€ Dr. Jeukendrup said. โ€œWe really are talking about a group of extremely elite sports people who train twice a day.

Or ultimate frisbee players at a tournament. Eric’s already read this one and commented on it to me, but I figured I bore a reading and a posting anyway.