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Went out to ulti practice last night.  I hadn’t been out to one since…during fall series?  Probably around nine months ago or so.  At the beginning of the year, Tricky stepped up as coach.  Considering there were quite a few newer ladies out there last night, the play was wasn’t too bad.  Tricky’s been concentrating on getting their throws solid.  During our 30 throws drill, the punishment for a crap throw or a drop was five squat-jumps.  Now, I was throwing with a relatively decent handler-type and we only did 20-25 squat-jumps in well over 50 throws.  That didn’t feel too bad; I was careful not to screw my knees.  And then we played a game to three.  And my legs didn’t want to work.  My quads felt less like muscles and more like lead weights strapped to my thighs.  Not a bad feeling really.  Obviously, I worked some muscles that have been a bit neglected.  Played pretty well during that first game aside from a poor shot to Nicole deep.  White won 3-0.  We did another throwing drill with a mark and a  cutter.  Strangely, I think I throw better in a game these days than I do during a drill like that.  There’s just too much pressure!  Tricky pointed out that I should probably try to throw under my mark when breaking with my backhand.  Then we played a second game to three in which I played worse.  My head wasn’t in it.  White lost 2-3.  We topped off the night with hucking practice.  By that time, my back was so stiff that my throws were utter crap.  I also did something I said I wasn’t going to do: bought a PHX-ation jersey.  I’m not saying I’m playing with them, certainly not traveling with them, but I’ll have a shirt if I need one.  Besides, it’s a very nice shirt!

Also, we’re half considering (okay, 20% considering) playing in the coed Long Beach beach tournament next weekend.  We might be in San Diego next Friday anyway…

Other than my quads still being tight this morning, my back is fairly stiff, I have a great purple bruise on the inside of my wrist and a bug bite on the second knuckle of the middle finger of my left hand.

Over a week behind where I’d like to be, I turned Model Species over to Eric to check the changes I’ve made.  While he’s giving it a read, I’m going to rewrite the first chapter of Divine Fire.  Eric thinks it might work better from a different perspective and I think he might be right.  I’ll start that today and maybe get a Critters critique done abd a few other things.  Even though it’s already 11am and I’m watching tennis.