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Once again, here’s Monday

Decent weekend, I guess. Played a bit of EQ2, got a few minor things done around the apartment, DMed another tiny bit of Warhammer 40K RPG.

Woke up absurdly early (defined in this household as 6am) yesterday morning to watch Nadal quickly beat Federer at the French Open. Therefore, I won a bet with Eric. He bet that Federer would win two sets or more. I could see him winning one, but we were both surprised that he lost 1-6, 3-6, 0-6. So, food of a more expensive nature will be eaten tonight. Probably Four Peaks, though I might give D’arcy McGee’s a try.

Took all weekend for my quads to recover. ‘Course, I did decide to go for a 4.5 mile run on Friday, which is pushing it for me on a good day. I was a little worried that I had overly damaged the left one, but it seems well and good today. So, that’s week two of running 10 miles a week done. Today I might go 4 miles again, but I need a new route. I’m pretty bored with what I got.

There’s hemming and hawing going on concerning women’s league. Sounds like it’s going to be on Wednesday, which makes it less attactive to me. But getting the web aspect of it going sooner than five minutes before the first game would be nice.

Also, still no definite plans about going to see Chris this week(end). His dad’s back landbound as well (he works on an oil tanker) and Chris might be in San Diego another week. Sounds like Long Beach is out.

Lately, life has the qualities of a fever dream. Things I do have that routine feeling to them, yet are not routine at all. There’s anxiety too. Not quite free-floating, but not rational either. I can feel anxious about the truck, finances, getting work done, but I know that those things will be fine and I push them aside. Yet the ghost of that anxiety is still there.

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Battling Exercise-Induced Breast Pain : Scientific American Podcast:

women should shop for a sports bra that cups each side individually

And maybe sports bra makers should make more non-uni-boob bras. And maybe women shouldn’t worry so much about whether their sports bra is pretty and require products that work instead. (Pet Peeve #2047)

For Some Music, It Has to Be Wal-Mart and Nowhere Else –

On Tuesday Wal-Mart started selling on an exclusive basis a three-disc collection by the popular 1980s band Journey called “Revelation.” The difference, however, is that there is no middleman: the album was bought directly from the band without the help of a record label. Journey went right to Wal-Mart and kept most of the money a record company would normally take as profit for the group.

They’re able to sell it cheaper too. Just another interesting aspect of the paradigm shift that’s occurring in the music business.