Having an annoying day.

No disc. 

Discovered that StumbleUpon spammed my contact list even though I’m 95% sure that I told them not to.  That reflects very poorly on me.  I apologize if it affected anyone that might be reading this.

No definite details on women’s league.  Still.

I headed up to the mall, to work on the Decazzi scene.  I’m fairly sure that it’s probably about 100 degrees, but in the shade with the misters, it’s nicer than it would be in my apartment.  The only problem with this plan is that eventually, I will have to walk a mile in the quite hot.

It’s done, but I don’t like it.  He needs to come into the scene later I think.  I’m too blow-by-blow and I don’t need to be.  I need to plunk him down into the scene after the Cleansing’s been going on for a while.  Unfortunately, my laptop battery is wanning so I need to get home.

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