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Meredith Corporation Mediaroom – News Releases:

What Women Do to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle*

 Drink more water (80%)
 Eat more fruits and vegetables (70%)
 Read nutritional labels (49%)
 Avoid foods that are high in fat (47%)
 Make a conscious effort to lower calorie intake (44%)
 Watch my sugar intake (44%)
 Exercise at least three times a week (43%)

Found this via Starling Fitness and I have to agree that it’s a shame that women are only willing to do the easy things. Too bad research has debunked the health values of drinking all that water.

Another tidbit from the research:

Top 10 Health Concerns (across all generations)

1. Diet/weight control (56%)
2. Eating well/nutrition (36%)
3. Allergies (27%)
4. Aging process (26%)
5. Mental health (25%)
6. Arthritis (24%)
7. Cancer (23%)
8. Cardiovascular/heart health (20%)
9. Diabetes (18%)
10. Menopause (18%)

Is it really such a mystery that many problems with #1 can be solved with #2? I mean, really, is the outlook so warped that these ended up as two categories in this survey? I boggle.

Wonder if a similar survey has been done for men, and whether they’re more sensible.


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