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Finished rewriting the Decazzi scene. Not sure if it’s good enough, but maybe Eric will have some ideas to make it better.

Anyway, some stuff:

Watched Stardust the other night. It was…okay. I can see why it’s being compared to The Princess Bride. It has the same post-modern take on fairy tales, giving the genre a more adult slant. But it doesn’t do as good a job in my opinion. It’s humor isn’t as acute. Oh, it has some moments, but it isn’t as satisfying. The ending is way too happy and tied up. Even in Princess Bride, Prince Humperdinck is left alive and shamed. That ending leaves something just a little bittersweet behind. If I were thirteen, it would probably be in my top five movies. As an adult, I wanted a more complexity in my characters and situations.

Restaurant #7:
Had dinner tonight at D’Arcy McGee’s. It was…okay.  I had the shepard’s pie.  It was tasty enough, though had nothing special aside from being serves with a nice side of steamed veggies.  It would be the perfect dish for a cold, rainy day.  Too bad there’s only about 20 of them a year around here.  Eric had the fish and chips and felt about the same.  Good, but nothing special.  His fries were outstanding; I had a couple cold and they were better than many I’ve had.  The most pleasant surprise was that they serve Kiltlifter and that it is on special on Wednesdays.