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Have been waking up early, probably due to the angle of light coming into the bedroom.  Not an entirely bad thing.  I need to start getting up earlier to run unless I want to use the treadmill at the community center.  It’s getting way too hot to run at 11am or noon like I had been.  (This is not to say I wouldn’t play disc at noon due to the heat.  It just seems much hotter when it’s something both physically strenuous and boring.)  But considering how stiff my back is when I get up, it’s hard to roll out of bed and go for a run.  I need a good two hours to become ambulatory.  I foresee disc being moved to mornings this week, which is another reason to start getting up earlier.  ‘Course, that’s taking into account that people won’t wuss out on disc.  No Wednesday disc puts a serious strain on my caloric balance.

Also, got to watch tennis during these early mornings.  (Watch being defined as having a live scoreboard updating on my desktop.)  An earlier morning will come in handy fro Wimbledon in a few weeks.

(Trying to convince myself that 6am is a good idea…)

Watched Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead yesterday.  It falls into that category of movies with not very bright characters doing very stupid things.  It wasn’t very compelling and reminded me of the Coen brothers’ movies that I don’t like.

Other than that, spent a good amount of time reading yesterday.  Reading fiction.  From a book.  Yeah, I know.  Wild.

And some online reading done this weekend as well:

SF Signal: MIND MELD: Scientific Accuracy in Stories
SF Signal: MIND MELD Makeup with Jay Lake: Scientific Accuracy in Stories

The Exhibitionist: Sold Out – Cinematical

The Uneven Playing Field – Girls’ Sports Injuries – Michael Sokolove – New York Times:

“I get more compliance from the boys,” the school’s athletic trainer, Dwayne Owens, told me. “Boys are actually willing to sit if that’s what I tell them. The girls want to get back out there. They want me to tape them up and let them play.”

Talking About Girls : OUPblog


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