New blog post over at EntangledContinua.  Today’s topic: the economy.

Played some disc this morning.  Had a nice turnout despite the hour.  The weather was still pretty hot.  I could not catch a dam thing in the endzone and my back got pretty bad about halfway through.

Not much else to say.  I’m in a substantially lazy mood though I’ve set a goal to have a certain group of changes done by Friday night.

Oh, we did try a new restaurant.
Restaurant #8: Cheeburger Cheeburger

I’d heard some good things about Cheeburger Cheeburger.  The somewhat inane name was outweighed by a good selection of burger toppings, but in the end, I was underwhelmed.  The meat was pretty plain, fried without any seasoning.  I had cheddar-jack, bbq sauce and roasted green chilis, and while the combination was tasty it was overwhelmed by the bland burger and the bready bun.  They just don’t stand up to Chuckbox or Ted’s.

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