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There’s disc tomorrow.  Yay!  I get a little antsy when I haven’t played in a while.  Since disc is at 6:45 (am!).  I plan on hitting the sack at about 11pm and no more caffeine this evening.   Which is rough because I really could go for a Dr. Pepper right now.

Lately, I’ve been getting antsy in the morning when I don’t go for run.  I wasn’t going to go this morning, take a day off to rest my body, but then I got tired of sitting and went for a two mile run.  And I think I’m better for it.  Oh, I’m sure my enthusiasm will wan soon, as it does for me for most things.  Except for disc, though I do have my down days for it too.

Working on Model Species.  My goal for this week is to refurb Teria and Lexia’s scenes.  I find that the best reason for me to have goals is be better able to properly plan my procrastination.  Considering that I’m going to lend a hand at, or at least be a body on the field for, the women’s ultimate clinic tomorrow night, I actually have to get a few things done tonight.

Otherwise, all is going…apace.

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