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Funny, Not Funny, Good, Not Good

I don’t know why exactly that this is in Scientific American, but it is pretty funny.
Summarized Cinema: Science Movies Explained in a Sentence.
My favorite:

Starship Troopers
Valiant insects try to repel totalitarian invaders.

Exercise Reduces Hunger In Lean Women But Not Obese Women:

During one experiment they did not exercise.

In the other two experiments the women exercised on a treadmill in the morning and the afternoon. They burned 500 calories each time, for a total of 1,000 calories a day. These two experiments differed by exercise intensity. One involved walking at high intensity, or 80 percent of maximal effort, for 7.5 minutes, with 10-minute rest periods between 10 walking sessions. The other experiment was half as intense (40 percent of peak effort) and involved walking for 15 minutes and resting for 5 minutes.

While I wouldn’t consider myself lean, I am in fair shape (if you don’t count my joints). FitDay calculates that for a 33 year old, 120 lb female (i.e. me) to burn off 500 calories in 75 minutes of walking I would have to walk at 5 mph. Eric will attest to the fact that I am a fairly fast walker, even at a stroll. I’ve measured how fast I walk when going from here to the mall. I barely hit 4.5 mph when hurrying. By this study’s count, 5 mph would be 80% maximal effort?

Anecdotally, I’m generally starving after intense exercise.  Today after disc, for example, though I hadn’t eaten much before.  I wonder what the results would be for women who were once obese, but had lost weight.  Does the leptin system correct itself, or is the woman permanently at a disadvantage?  I’m voting for the latter.

Disc was good today. I had the power of female hormones driving my cuts and helping me snag errant throws.  I don’t recall handling much though I had a score to Ned’s Nate.  Unlike last week, my achy body didn’t suck the fun out of Wednesday disc, though it will keep me from going to the women’s clinic tonight and practice tomorrow.  Today it’s my feet (and to a lesser extent my hands and knees) bugging me.  Achy feet are easier to ignore while playing than a stiff back, but I think I’d rather not push myself into a full blown flare-up.  I’ve already had a lot of ibuprofen.

Book #10 – Beowulf: The Script Book by Roger Avery and Neil Gaiman

As I put it before:

It’s like a car accident: I just can’t look away. As much as I loath Beowulf screen adaptations, I am compelled to investigate them.

This script book includes the first draft of the script as well as the shooting draft. I was struck by how cliche things are in the first draft. Characters do and say exactly what you would expect them to.  I was also surprised, in both versions, how much the ideas  of fame and expectation of followers is *not* investigated.  It seems that the those where the plot bits added (especially in the first draft), but were never followed through.  The thing that annoys me the most though is how much effort was put into this project, but I don’t believe it does justice to the source.  It post-modernizes the source material, adding unreliable narrators and heroes that aren’t heroic.  It makes it all very 21st century.  Granted, the final script does do a good job of making it a rounded, if not very good, narrative, but with *so* many changes, why not call it something else


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