Outside, the wind’s blowing…

Been restless today.  I think I’ve spent more time out of the apartment than in it.

Went for a run at about 8:30.  Did some cleaning and then had lunch with Leah.  Since I haven’t been going out to practices much, and Leah’s cutting back on ulti due to impending child, I haven’t had a chance to chat with her in a while.  So lunch was good. 

Eric had gotten up at about 4 am.  When I got back he headed to bed for a nap.  I decided to take myself up to the mall.  Worked on a couple of crits there and then engadged in some very modest stimulation of the economy.  I bought a dress at Ross.  I think I buy one about every five years.  Also bought a pair of shorts and a miniskirt.  The shorts are are keepers, but the dress and the skirt are marginal.

Stopped at Target.  Bought essentials and also Butter Crunch Cashews.  Butter Crunch Cashews are crack.  They are harmful to my health.  If they last the night, I have Herculean willpower.

When I got back home, Eric was up.  And then he headed back to bed.   *shrug*  I puttered around online until I noticed that there was some wind outside.  I’ve spent the last 45mins out on the steps, reading Rutger Hauer’s biography. 

And now…  I should work.  Yeah, I’ve been avoiding Model Species.  Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to rewrite the whole things from scratch.  After Eric gets everything worked out.

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