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Weekend Amusements

We’ve spent the last few weeks rewatching the three seasons of Deadwood. Finished yesterday at dinner. That show was so good. I caught on to more things this time, saw more of the humor. It might seem silly to compare something with the language of Deadwood to Shakespeare, but it does have its resemblances. There’s a certain way the stories are told that are similar, and (if you can get beyond the 2,980 uses of the word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives) a virtuosity of language that is pretty awesome.

First Poster for Fifth ‘Saw’ Faces Certain Facts – Cinematical
It’s actually a pretty cool poster. I keep expecting the next Saw sequel to be crap, but they’ve held their ground so far. This poster is encouraging for the fifth.

Book #11 – All Those Moments by Rutger Hauer with Patrick Quinlan

Until I read his biography, I never knew Rutger Hauer did Guinness commercials:
YouTube – Rutger Hauer Guinness Ad
YouTube – Guinness ‘sauna’ advert 1980s (Rutger Hauer)
YouTube – Rutger Hauer Draught Guiness Commercial
YouTube – Guinness Advert 4
My personal favorite:
YouTube – Guinness ‘dolphin’ advert 1980s (Rutger Hauer)

I wish this book would have had more or Hauer’s diary entries, maybe interspersed with the other stories. The man’s lived a pretty interesting life.