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The other day, I linked an article that went on vaguely about weight loss and exercise and…well, it seemed like a muddled mess to me. Normal for most science reporting. Luckily, SportsGeezer had a link to the LA Times which covered the same bit with more clarity. But I still have a problem.

Their headline is: Exercise: It’s an hour a day, people. Seriously.
But it’s not. Not all exercise is the same. They do realize this, don’t they? Not even every person is the same. They give some stats:

About a quarter of the women who managed to sustain a 10% weight loss exercised more, adhered to better eating habits and engaged more often by phone with the intervention team. For them, exercise amounted to an average of expending 1,835 calories a week, or 275 minutes per week.

(That’s about 40 minutes a day, by the way. Not an hour.)  And concluded:

“This clarifies the amount of physical activity that should be targeted for achieving and sustaining this magnitude of weight loss, but also demonstrates the difficulty of sustaining this level of physical activity,”

And I call bullshit.  I ran my own numbers. Anecdotal, yes. And I am a girl doing math, so feel free to check me.

I’ve been sustaining a 15 pound weight loss (from 135 to 120) which was about 10% of my weight. My FitDay records, which are approximations, say that over the past six months I’ve burned an average of 1890 calories a day. (I take in about 1850 calories.) I get exercise primarily from playing ultimate frisbee and running. I’ve spent 72 hours or 4320 minutes in the last six months (or 26 weeks) on these activities. My math says that I’ve spent 166.15 min/week doing these exercises. Or around 24 minutes a day. ‘Course, ultimate and running are pretty vigorous. Well, at least when most people do them. I’m pretty freakin’ slow.

This isn’t to say that getting *that* much exercise is easy. I’ve been having trouble getting that much in lately. I’m glad someone isn’t telling me that I need to double it. And that’s what bugs me about these sorts of articles. They generalize and can be pretty disheartening to someone who’s struggling to figure it all out. Sure, if you’re going to schlep on a treadmill at 4 mph, it’s going to take much longer to burn the calories you need to burn. Come out and play ultimate instead.

Edit:  I spend most of my time at my computers.  Or writing.  Or reading.  I am very still when I do these things, so I generally consider my lifestyle to be otherwise very sedentary. But I do walk places. Eric and I go for walks often. These things absolutely play into how many calories I burn, but I don’t account for them. They’re not exercise. They’re life.

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Writer’s Block: On Your Tombstone

“What are standing around here for?”

Actually, I don’t plan on a gravestone.  I suppose, if my survivors want one, that’s cool.  Cemeteries are nice places.  Quiet, nice landscaping, but a gravestone sort of ties a person to a place.  People feel they should “visit” it.  Should stand around being sad or bored.  Better to go for a walk, live life.  Remember me when I’m gone, but don’t waste too much time on me.


Watching documentaries and working.  Actually having a pretty productive night.  Played disc this morning, then gamed with Chris (& Eric, of course).  Had a short nap and that leads pretty much to now.  I have about an hour’s work left in me and maybe some reading.

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To create your own, search Flickr for your answers to each of the following questions. Using only the first page, choose an image and copy/paste the URL for each image into the mosaic maker here. It works best if you select one or two word answers. Here are the questions (and my answers) used to create this mosaic:

What is your first name? Katherine
What is your favorite food? Pizza
What high school did you attend? Bryan High
What is your favorite color? Royal Purple
Who is your celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman
Favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
Dream vacation? Florence, Italy
Favorite dessert? Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Ice Cream
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Writer
What do you love most in life? Living
One word to describe you. Procrastinator
Your Live Journal name? Katen

1. Katherine Parr, 2. Haloumi Cheese, Zaatar & Tomato Pizzas, 3. Bryan Adams High School Hallway, 4. royal purple hand painted silk scarf, 5. Hugh Jackman en la película Deception, 6. DR. pepper commercial, 7. Arno river, Florence, Italy, 8. homemade cinnamon dulce de leche ice cream, 9. Writer’s Block (52 Weeks, Week 17), 10. Living in a Dream Fog Trees Grass Westlake Texas Morning, 11. The Procrastinator, 12. Preview!

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Online reading! It rots your brain, you know…

Since I’m a big proponent of the internet, I figured it was time for another installment of “What Katherine reads…online!”

I usually hit my LJ friends list first. Then I head over Google Reader. I am subscribed to 159 different blogs, news feeds and podcast feeds, so I scroll through quite a few headlines. Here’s what I read between 8am and noon today:

All Jacked Up: Screw you Gerber!

The other side of beauty | Watching Journal
I disagree with the line about the Saw movies being akin to porn.  But then, maybe they really don’t have a level of morality.  Maybe they’re just solid entertainment, and maybe that’s the definition of porn.  *shrug* 

Starling Fitness » Czech Sokol Organization

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why can’t people with dyslexia do multiple choice?
Unfortunately, everyone has a form of test they take better than another form of test. Eric, for example, does poorly on fill in the blank questions. He has a hard time retrieving particular words and terms from memory. I have problems with…uh… Okay, I generally test well and am generally a nerd, so I guess this does apply to me…

In the realm of better-than-the-flying-cars-we-don’t-have:
Lensless On-Chip Microscope Inspired by “Floaters” in the Eye: Scientific American

Studies show exercise boon for obesity, diabetes – Yahoo! News
What a crappy vague article. Unfortunately, I’m not interested enough to track down the source through Eric’s ASU access.

BBC NEWS | Health | Caffeine use common in athletes

The Rogues Gallery » Blog Archive » Cerealously

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Remember the other day when I said Eric could go on about gender differences? Well, he did:
Entangled Continua >> Realistic Portrayal Through Gender Tendencies

And just to throw some thoughts on world building on top of that:
SF Signal: MIND MELD: Worldbuilding
A link that Eric surely will be interested in.

Had dinner with the portion of Eric’s family that lives here last night. Played some Wii games, which is my first experience with the console. Fun, but not the kind of thing I’d own. Mark made barbeque, which really is about as good as what I had in Omaha, minus the really strong beer.  The girls weren’t too nutso, but hey, there was a Wii to play with.

Today, we’re supposed to game with Chris. It’s only 5pm where he is currently, so I’m not sure why Eric told me that we’d be doing this at 6am. Not that I wouldn’t be up anyway. Still. I need to get some coffee into me.  Maybe if we really do game today (I’m the DM), I can get Eric to go out to Sunday disc.  I’m going to need the exercise.

A couple other interesting bits this morning:
Literacy Debate – Online, R U Really Reading? – Series –

Some traditionalists warn that digital reading is the intellectual equivalent of empty calories.

I love reading this type of thing online. Mmm… Empty NYT calories…

PBS has the documentary FAT: What No One Is Telling You up on their site. They touch on the gut brain a little in part 7.

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A couple goodies via SciAm:
Why Migraines Strike
How Anecdotal Evidence Can Undermine Scientific Results

Feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since Wednesday. Fought off a little plane crud, but the swings in barometric pressure have made my joints very unhappy. And that makes me very fatigued.

Done with laundry, the last of post-vacation cleanup. Having a hard time getting back into work. Been playing some EverQuest, watching some “TV.” Burn Notice is the fun show of the moment.

Eric replaced Hefty’s radiator and gave his poor old truck some attention. Better, financially, than buying a new vehicle. The first good test of the repairs will be going up to Mark’s tomorrow for Hannah birthday.

Saw The Dark Knight yesterday at the Cine Capri. Cine Capri is Harkins’ spiffier theater. Bigger screen, mostly, with some old movie house glamor. Reminded me of the Indian Hills theater in Omaha or the Stuart in Lincoln. These were theaters with one screen and seating that included a balcony. No balconies at the Cine Capri. The best innovation in movie theaters was stadium seating and I’ll take that over a balcony any day.

The film was good, but with an asterisk. A meditation on justice and whether the ends should justify the means? Sure. A very good performance by Mr. Ledger and a massively underrated performance by Mr. Oldman? Definitely. A movie (like so many others) in which I expected more realism than I got? Unfortunately. With something like Hellboy or Iron Man, I expect reality to be stretched. It due to the comedy element, I suspect.  Even the Spiderman movies have it.  Even X-Men has it.  The Dark Knight does not.  Therefore it really bugs me when…


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Back home. All went well at the airport. Our flight got us here twenty minutes early, even. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the potatoes left over from my potato salad experiment.  Those potatoes went horribly wrong.  The black goo that seeped from the bag soaked into the corner of my old, slightly crappy TV table.  It smells.  Bad.  I will probably be replacing it soon.   So, I had that to clean up right off the bat.

Fall league will be starting up soon.  Yay!  I put together some webpage templates while on vacation so I’ll get the opportunity to try them out soon.

Alas, no disc tomorrow morning.

Haven’t unpacked yet.  Haven’t gone through my snail mail yet.

The trip was actually pretty good.  I got to visit with everyone quite a bit and had time to breathe myself.  Next year, I’m going to make a few more plans with non-family in town.  In the past, trips have been so busy that I freak out on day two and spend the rest of the week unhappy.  Two weeks in Omaha worked out better than I expected.

The clock says, 23:30.  The body says, two hours past bedtime.

Right.  On to my mail.