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EC Blog Update & Movie Musings

New post by Eric:
Entangled Continua » MRI: the Particle Physics Laboratory for the Brain


Apropos to the conversation Eric and I had lMonday night at about 2am:
‘Hobbit’ Hints at ‘Hellboy’ Huddle: Del Toro Speaks! – Cinematical

During said conversation, we also wondered at the fact that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  isn’t slated for a remake.  Just  think what Del Toro or maybe Tim Burton could do with it and a little CGI.

I’ve started reading Ender’s Game.  Granted, I’m not far into the book, but I’m surprised that it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.  Wikipedia says there’s one in production hell.  It’s just surprising to me that it hasn’t gotten snapped up.

Sacha Baron Cohen + Will Ferrell = Sherlock Holmes + Dr. Watson – Cinematical:

Already you know if you’re going to see this movie or not, right?

Right. My answer is: hell no. It does make Sherlock Holmes: Action Hero look much better. Interesting that the Holmes brand is getting so much attention.