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Wow, we’re actually getting a little thunder and lightning tonight.  Time to shut the AC off.  I should anyway since I’m cooking.  I’m making red potato salad.  Hopefully, it won’t suck.

There was no disc yesterday, which left me quite discombobulated.  No pun intended.  No practice this week either.  I’m going to forget how to play…  Been going light on the running this week too.  My legs were bugging me last week when I finished my five weeks of 10 miles per week.  But mostly I’m just bored with my routes.  Even using the treadmill on Tuesday was enjoyable.

Got quite a bit done yesterday when I hadn’t had much sleep.  Today has been the other way.  I’m unmotivated and I’ve mostly taken today off.  I’ll work Saturday.

I’ll have been in Omaha a whole day by this time next week.