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Some of this, some of the other.

Link by Link – Poof! Youโ€™re Unpublished. –

Sci-fi writer Andre Norton’s legacy still in court’s hands

The Twisted Journey Of ‘Napoleon’s Privates’ : NPR:

France not only wouldn’t purchase it, the government wouldn’t even admit its existence

I never even thought of thinking about Napoleon’s penis…

Vaccinate Networks, Not Everyone: Scientific American Podcast
I’m weak on the math aspect of this, but would it work that way? Networks aren’t static. What happens when a family moves cross country and finds a new, bigger group of people they like hanging out with?

2b or not 2b? | Review | Books


Watched lots of tennis over the weekend.  Very much enjoyed the season ender of Doctor Who.  Been working some, getting ready for our trip to Omaha. Gamed a little earlier tonight.

Man, we better have some disc on Wednesday or I’m going to forget how to play.

Got a big bit of rewrite tonight.  I better get on it.  I’m already pretty tired.

My feet have been killing me for the past week.