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Well, I’m at the airport, remembering all the things I forgot to pack. Oh, well. That’s how it goes, generally.

Busy day thus far. I got up around 5am, went out for a brief one mile run and then headed off to disc. Disc was good. We had a nice sized crowd. I don’t recall playing particularly well, but I had fun in spite of it. Felt pretty decent too though my back is now a little hinkey.

Back at home, I cleaned up a few women’s league things, made sure I had the requisite files on my laptop, and then packed. And ate several cinnamon rolls and watched a couple episodes of Dexter while killing time to leave.

We got to the airport at 4:40 for a 7pm flight. We ate sub par Mexican food and now I’m here, recounting my boring day and trying to ignore the very loudly crying baby nearby.

I am not very excited about this trip. I’m going to try not to become stressed out about things, but that’s a fairly useless endeavor.  I’m rather unhappy about the interruption to my already chronically interrupted life.

Maybe I’ll actually get some work done.  (Drat, forgot the files for the two short stories I’ve been fiddling with…)

On the plus side, I have on-flight drink tickets.