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How It’s Going

We still have over a week left to our trip and I’m already tired.

Hung out with my family on Thursday.  Everyone was well-behaved, though I guess my mom and brother had a fight Saturday morning and currently are not talking to each other.  I’ll have more to say on that issue when I sort out my thoughts on the matter.

Friday, I stayed at the Nabity’s.  Chad, Michelle, and the nieces and nephews were coming over for dinner, and I think I missed them entirely the lat time we were here.  During the afternoon, I worked on some VOTS stuff and engaged in some Facebook silliness.  Seeing Lauren & Gwen, Ben & Aidan was good.  They’re such well behaved kids.  Lauren’s 13 and the rest are well below double digit ages, so she was happy to see her Uncle Eric.  He took her to a movie Saturday and we plan on taking her out to dinner at some point during the week.

Saturday, Tania came up from Lincoln and we had lunch, shopping, and coffee.  I’m not sure I’ve seen Tania in ten years.  We sort of lost touch after I headed to AZ, but Facebook has offered an easier way to communicate.  It was really great seeing her.  Just like old times despite the intervening near-decade.

Yesterday, we went out and played disc.  Ultimate time in Omaha is about 50% later than ultimate time other places, but once they got going they had quite a crowd.  Good to see that my favorite sport is thriving here.  Didn’t hurt that the weather was gorgeous.  Cool, and less humidity than usual.  I wish I had camera.  Memorial Park is really a lovely place to play.  My play was average.  They play a real poachy, cloggy game here.  I managed a couple of decent swings and scored on a guy that poached way the hell off me.  Silly boy.

After, I headed over to my parents.  On Thursday, I mentioned to my mom that I’d like to get my hair done.  She has a lady that she’s been going to for a while.  Since the stylist, Vickie, works Sundays, Mom decided to call for an appointment when I showed up.  Vickie had an opening at 5pm, so we decided to jump on it.  So, sooner than I expected, I have a new do.  They (Mom and Vickie) also talked my into getting my eyebrows groomed.  Sadly, it makes quite a bit of difference.  Luckily, the cut and waxing was pretty cheap.  Vickie gave me the address of where I can go when I get back to AZ.  ‘Course, the cut probably looked its best yesterday, when it had the proper product in it.  We’ll see how it fares after I wash it and do nothing to it today.

Well, I better get my run in.  I’ve dropped a minute and a half off my “hilly route” time, so I should probably try doubling it today.  Or not.  I’m sort of tired.   Tonight, dinner out with my family, including Eric.  And my brother.  I hate awkward family drama.

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A couple links from over the weekend:

Should there be a ‘Deadwood’ movie?
Know know, after rewatching the series recently I have to wonder what story-wise a movie might contain. But then I doubt many people expected the series to begin so near the shooting of Wild Bill, so I trust the writers would do the story justice with a movie or two. But then one has to ask, would a Deadwood movie be a good move for HBO and what ever studio that would produce it? Probably not. Let’s compare to a ‘Sopranos’ movies. The Sopranos is contemporarily set (read that as, “cheap to make aside from actor saleries”) and as much of a slam dunk as the Sex in the City movie. Deadwood is a Western. A very well made one that relies on great costuming, extraordinary sets, and even a bit CGI. Read that as, “expensive to make…aside from the actor’s saleries.” And let me say again, it’s a Western. How many 100mil Westerns are there? (A quick check on IMDB shows ‘Unforgiven’ at 100mil and ‘Wild Wild West’ at 113mil).

As gas prices go up, auto deaths decline.
Well, that’s something, I guess.