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A couple links from over the weekend:

Should there be a ‘Deadwood’ movie?
Know know, after rewatching the series recently I have to wonder what story-wise a movie might contain. But then I doubt many people expected the series to begin so near the shooting of Wild Bill, so I trust the writers would do the story justice with a movie or two. But then one has to ask, would a Deadwood movie be a good move for HBO and what ever studio that would produce it? Probably not. Let’s compare to a ‘Sopranos’ movies. The Sopranos is contemporarily set (read that as, “cheap to make aside from actor saleries”) and as much of a slam dunk as the Sex in the City movie. Deadwood is a Western. A very well made one that relies on great costuming, extraordinary sets, and even a bit CGI. Read that as, “expensive to make…aside from the actor’s saleries.” And let me say again, it’s a Western. How many 100mil Westerns are there? (A quick check on IMDB shows ‘Unforgiven’ at 100mil and ‘Wild Wild West’ at 113mil).

As gas prices go up, auto deaths decline.
Well, that’s something, I guess.


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