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No really, can I go home now?

Not to say that most everyone hasn’t been great to me while I’m here, but I miss the autonomy of being in my own apartment in my own city. Eric’s parents especially have been so tolerant of my being up early and getting me to my parent’s house when I need to be.

And so, the thing that’s been going on in my family: my brother is transgendered.  I won’t go into the details of the family controversy surrounding this other than the current drama.  When my mom, sister!brother, and I chatted in the kitchen last Thursday night, I thought that things were going okay between Mom and Tessa!Tom.  Apparently, the next day there was a phone call from Tessa!Tom that resulted in them not speaking to each other.  Hence, a very tense family dinner on Monday night.  Which both my mother and sister!brother think was perfectly normal.  Nothing wrong at all!  Just cold waves of silence up and down the table.  Even Eric noticed it.

I was supposed to go see Hellboy II with Tessa!Tom on Tuesday, but he had to take a friend of hers!his to have her nose fixed.  That went long and we ended up doing dinner and a trip to the Old Market instead.

Wednesday, Eric and I did some things on our own.  Mostly eating.  Lunch at Imperial Palace, dinner at Grisanti’s.  There were tentative Eileen’s Colossal Cookies or Ted & Wally’s plans, but we were way to full by the time all was said and done.

Thursday, I was going to go to the zoo with my mom, but it was too hot and muggy by the time I got over to my parent’s house.  We ended up staying in and watching Untraceable and many DVRed episodes of Two and a Half Men.  And then we went out to eat at Amarillo, a BBQ joint in Bellevue.  Very, very tasty.  I don’t know how well it stands up to actual Texas BBQ, but it was damn good.

And that brings me to today.  Originally, dinner at Chad and Michelle’s was planned for tonight and I was going to hide out here (my in-law’s) during the day.  The weather had changed that plan.  Eric and his dad have been trying to get some cement work done this week and they wanted to take advantage of the clear day.  So, I headed to my parent’s with intent of staying here tomorrow instead.  Again my mom and I ruled out the zoo.  Since my sister!brother was off from work, we quickly rescheduled the movie.  This probably didn’t make my mother happy since their on the outs, but, well, I had promised and I wasn’t going to be around for my sister!bother’s day off tomorrow.  Hellboy II was good, but really there was only a slim chance that I wasn’t going to like it.

Despite a rocky start to the day, I survived.  Eric’s mom made her luscious German chocolate cake and I have the prospect of a leisurely day tomorrow.  I’ve given up the notion of getting work done, but a nice long run is wanted as well as some quality time teaching myself more JavaScript.

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Linky Bits

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Men And Women Really Do Have Different Brains

studies have found that the hippocampus, which is involved in short-term memory and spatial navigation, is proportionally larger in women than in men, which may come as a surprise given women’s reputation as poor map-readers

Yeah, well, the thing is, men and women have very different methods of navigating. Women seem to rely more on the physical points of interest where men seem to prefer an address and to know the system of street numbering. Eric can go on and on about differences in male and female brains, so I won’t.

Speaking of Eric, he has a new post on his blog. Not about gender differences this week, but about computing: Increasing Demands on Cell Phones Will Advantage x86

Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder
There were a couple instances in college (before the pervasiveness of the internet) where I’d have the TV on (muted), the stereo going, and be surrounded by books and my word processor. This usually occurred when I was working on final papers for literature classes. Not exactly the nerb stereotype, but early stimulus overload.

NADDers have an amazingly ability to focus when they choose to. Granted, itโ€™s not their natural state and, granted, it can take longer than some to get in the zone, but when weโ€™re there, BOY HOWDY.

I’m not sure this is as true for women with NADD, if women truly have the ‘affliction.’ Women don’t focus like men focus. Our brains sort of naturally go in five directions at once.

And also: London’s dead tell tales (Digg it!)