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Nutrition Rant:

NY chains (finally) post calorie info

“If you put up roundabout numbers, how does that help anyone?”

It does help though. I realize I don’t keep exact count of my calories. I have a ball-park figure, and that’s good enough for me. People get so wrapped up in this all or nothing mentality, especially where diet is concerned. Every bit of information helps, every small change helps.


“Fun” Link of the Morning:
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Waste of Critical Thinking:

The UK’s The Independent has the following headline: Christian protests may leave Philip Pullman’s trilogy as one of a kind

But then the Christian boycotts started and the film sunk in the US, making a meagre $70m

I propose that Christian protesters had very little to do with this film’s performance. It probably wasn’t even the films dubious quality that affected it. The mistake that was made by New Line was this: They sunk 180 million into a property that was not a long-read favorite like LOTR or Narnia or a true phenomena like Harry Potter.

Let’s take a look at a few other recent speculative fiction books aimed at the younger audience that were turned into films and what they took at the US box office:
Bridge to Terabithia – 82M
Nim’s Island – 47M
Spiderwick Chronicles – 71M
Stardust – 38M
The Last Mimzy – 21M
Eragon – 75M
Golden Compass – 70M

Yes, I realize that Stardust is more on the adult end, but it falls into the category I’m illustrating. These are books of varying popularity, but none of the film adaptations have done much better than Golden Compass. Philip Pullman’s books have sold well, but they don’t have 50 years of quiet fandom behind them nor near-unbelievable fervent popularity. I was going to pose the question of how Twilight will do, falling somewhat in the category (more popular than most but with a lessened male audience appeal), but they’ll do fine. Their estimated budget is only 37M. They’ll make that back in a weekend.