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A couple goodies via SciAm:
Why Migraines Strike
How Anecdotal Evidence Can Undermine Scientific Results

Feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since Wednesday. Fought off a little plane crud, but the swings in barometric pressure have made my joints very unhappy. And that makes me very fatigued.

Done with laundry, the last of post-vacation cleanup. Having a hard time getting back into work. Been playing some EverQuest, watching some “TV.” Burn Notice is the fun show of the moment.

Eric replaced Hefty’s radiator and gave his poor old truck some attention. Better, financially, than buying a new vehicle. The first good test of the repairs will be going up to Mark’s tomorrow for Hannah birthday.

Saw The Dark Knight yesterday at the Cine Capri. Cine Capri is Harkins’ spiffier theater. Bigger screen, mostly, with some old movie house glamor. Reminded me of the Indian Hills theater in Omaha or the Stuart in Lincoln. These were theaters with one screen and seating that included a balcony. No balconies at the Cine Capri. The best innovation in movie theaters was stadium seating and I’ll take that over a balcony any day.

The film was good, but with an asterisk. A meditation on justice and whether the ends should justify the means? Sure. A very good performance by Mr. Ledger and a massively underrated performance by Mr. Oldman? Definitely. A movie (like so many others) in which I expected more realism than I got? Unfortunately. With something like Hellboy or Iron Man, I expect reality to be stretched. It due to the comedy element, I suspect.  Even the Spiderman movies have it.  Even X-Men has it.  The Dark Knight does not.  Therefore it really bugs me when…